“Through my sessions at Movement Logic and the tailor-made program of exercises Justine has given me, I feel fitter, look fitter (!) and have returned to a quality of life that I had all but given up.”

– Robin Kelly

“Since I have been seeing Justine, I am in better shape and stronger than I was 10 years ago, my chronic neck pain has disappeared, I don’t get up like an old lady, I have learned better ways to move and lift that help me avoid injury, my balance has improved, I carry myself straighter and with more confidence,  and I receive treatment and exercise plans to treat problems before they become chronic. Some people go to trainers- I go to Justine to receive treatment and training personalized to my own needs… I came to see Justine to rehab from foot surgery and have stayed to become better able to garden, birdwatch and walk long distances with ease.”

– Jean Barrell

“Justine’s knowledge, attention to detail and dedication to my outcome at every stage of my recovery has been stellar. She has guided my progress at an appropriate pace, and has helped me work through the limitations I confronted after surgery in order to meet my recovery goals. Her combined use of Graston Technique, Kinesiology Taping and corrective conditioning methods have helped me regain balance, strength, stability and coordination, all of which are critical to my performance as a professional ballet dancer. I would recommend Movement Logic to anyone.”

 – Talin Kenar